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We have deployed a moodle instance with the bitnami installer.
It configured the applicaiton to run on port 82.

We need to change config to a different ip and to port 80.
Server is a Windows Server 2019 with multiple IP addresses.

Changing the httpd.conf file and moodle configuration file results the bitnami opening page load but 404 not found when navigating moodle link (server/moodle link).

Could you please assist us what should we do to change the ip/port?

Hello @user412323,

If that’s a new installation, I suggest you install a new Moodle installation. The installer will use port 80 by default if it is not blocked.

In case you want to change it, I can see you need to edit these files, changing port 82 to 80:


and restart Apache after that.


Hello @davidg ,

The problem is that this is a applicaion server with multiple ip addresses.
The primary ip port 80 is already used.
In the installer it is not possible to set the ip address (define virtualserver)

I modified the above files except the


I will try to do that as well.
Thank you

Hi @user412323,

Please note that if port 80 is blocked, Apache service for your Bitnami Moodle Stack won’t start.

Please let us know any advance.


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