Canvas Upgrade Process

Keywords: Canvas LMS - Virtual Machines - How to - Upgrade

We are currently on this update 2020.12.16.47-1 of canvas bitnami lms.

Is there a way of upgrading to the newer or latest version without bringing the server down?

This is what we are doing right now:

  • we download the latest version (Image)
  • we install it on a new Instance
  • we stop the traffic to the production database
  • we connect it to a copy of the production database
  • we run the migrate database command after testing everything
  • we point our production domain to the new instance

our production server will be down for the time it takes to migrate

Hello @waleed,

Alternatively, you could launch a new instance with the latest version of CanvasLMS, and migrate your data there. Once you check everything is working fine, you can make your domain point to this new instance.

I hope it helps

Hello Davidg,

that’s exactly what we are doing, the issue is that we have to stop the traffic to the database until we migrate the changes and make sure everything is working fine, so it could take hours if there is an issue with migrating, so if there is a way to do that migrate without stopping the traffic and creating a new instance and then point the domain to the new instance that would be perfect

Sorry @waleed,

I did not read correctly your first message.

The time you need to stop depends on the application itself, so we recommend you read CanvasLMS docs or ask in their support forum if it is possible. Of course, it is a good idea to do it during the hours of less traffic for your site.