Canvas LMS integrates Roll Call Attendance Tracker and Analytics

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As I known, currently there is no rollcall-attendance and Canvas Analytics in canvas lms vm


Canvas Analytics

Please consider integrate them as optional same as Canvas RCE in bitnami canvas lms vm

Thank you very much!

Hello @thaygiaoth,

Checking roll-call instructions, I can see it require docker:

### 1. Setup Canvas:

You need to have a local Canvas install running, and it needs to be in docker (otherwise having rollcall post back to it will not work, it needs a domain both it and the browser can reach).

Our solution doesn’t use docker to run the application so the creators should provide you another way to install it. I suggest you ask in the community forums of the application itself.

About Canvas Analytics, it requires also Cassandra. It would imply creating a huge VM. Anyway, find this previous answer in case it helps:



“About Canvas Analytics, it requires also Cassandra.”

–> it’s not problem for us, we will increase RAM and CPUs on demand.

If possible, please install Cassandra as optional

–> same as Canvas RCE

Thank you very much!

Sorry because I can not create new topic

I also see this topic

In 2021.12.15-42-9

/opt/bitnami/apps/canvaslms/htdocs is not exist

/opt/bitnami/canvaslms/ is exist

Where is canvas-rails-root directory?

Thank you

The new directory structure uses the /opt/bitnami/canvaslms folder to store all the app’s files.

Happy to help!

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