Can't run most Ghost commands; Ghost uses 'localhost' for all URLs, despite running config command

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I want all “localhost” URLs to change to usage of my domain.


  1. Absolute URLs, including uploaded images, in my Ghost blog point to “localhost” instead of the actual domain I’ve set in Ghost config.production.json.
  2. The website preview does not load in the Ghost admin.
  3. In order to run most of the Ghost commands found in the Bitnami documentation, I need to run the command as the ghost user.

Here are images of the issues to help with forming context:

Hi @spockthompsonjr,

If you configured the domain and restarted the services, everything should be using the new domain. Do not know if there is any special configuration for the images, could you please ask the Ghost’s developers?

Same for this, please ask the Ghost’s developers

Correct, we configure the app’s folder permissions to be owned by the ghost user. That’s why you need to use that user.

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