Can't make Magepal SMTP Extension work

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I deploy a new stack from

I follow the steps explained here

Until: Select the “SMTP Configuration and Settings (Gmail/Google/AWS/Office 360)” section.
I can’t find that section in Stores->Configuration->Advanced->System

Hi @madsmash,

The SMTP settings can be found under Stores -> Configuration -> Select scope “Main website” - > Advanced -> System.

Our docs team will review the documentation and update it.


Hi Michiel,

I can’t find the SMTP settings under Stores -> Configuration -> Select scope “Main website” - > Advanced -> System. I can only change the email sending settings there.

Hi @madsmash,

Those are the SMTP settings.



I’m talking here about the MagePal GmailSmtpApp extension, please see the link I shared on the first message. I can’t find the extension settings after installing it.

If these are the settings I’m looking for, please explain how can I configure it so magento sends emails via gmail smtp


Hi @madsmash,

Can you check if it’s correctly installed?

cd /opt/bitnami/magento
sudo bin/magento-cli module:status 

Does the MagePal extension show in the list?


Hi @michiel

Both MagePal_Core and MagePal_GmailSmtpApp show up in the list of enabled modules. I can also see this in app/etc/config.php:

    'MagePal_Core' => 1,
    'MagePal_GmailSmtpApp' => 1,

Thanks for the help!

Hi @madsmash,

Can you check under Stores -> Magepal -> SMTP Configuration?

Can you send me a screenshot of that page?


Hi @michiel

I don’t see MagePal under stores configuration:

I have been experiencing the same problem with installing extensions on the new Magento AWS AMI 2.4.1-10, trying to install Magesuite Magepack Magento module via composer.

Status command shows module enabled, but it does not show in admin panel anywhere.

All necessary cache clearing, compiling and deploying done.

Hi @julystripe, @madsmash,

The SMTP settings can be found here:

Stores > Configuration > Advanced > System > SMTP Configuration and Settings	

Our docs team will update the documentation page to show this correctly.

Best regards,

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Thanks for the input. We have updated the documentation page at