Can't connect to Wordpress instance due apache not starting

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Our Wordpress instance is unavailable. Error in browser is “connection refused”. I looked at the apache2 log and it indicates the web server could not start due to a mismatch between server.key and server.crt. We do have SSl and HTTPS setup on this site using the wp plugin really-simple-ssl.
No other process is using port 80 or 443. I tried to redo the SSL and HTTPS setup using the bncert tool but after running that tool successfully and restarting the instance I am still getting the same error.
The site URL is:
I downloaded and installed the support tool and ran it so hopefully that will offer some info to help us as I’m not sure how to resolve this.

It seems the certificate configuration is not valid. You can generate new SSL certs by following our guide as the tool suggested

If you want to generate a valid SSL certificate after fixing the current problem, we suggest you use HTTPS configuration tool instead of using the really-simple-ssl plugin

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