Can't Connect SSH to instance and SFTP not working either

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I was trying to install Zendto on the server and I mistakenly allowed for it to change the server configuration files and while I was trying to revert back to the original method, I mistakenly deleted some files in /etc. I am now getting errors like

Log in failed. If this instance has just started up, try again in a minute or two.


when trying to connect.

I would have run the Bitnami Support Tool, but I can’t even connect SSH to the server.

Hi @aarongkebede,

Thanks for your message. I’m afraid I don’t know what caused your issue, but I found a thread in the official AWS forums, although I think it won’t be of help because you can’t SSH into the machine.

Do you know which files did you remove from /etc? Are you getting this error message when using the console-in-browser feature of AWS or from the command line or PuTTY application as well?

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Thank you for your response. Since I have locked myself out of the instance, I wasn’t even able to reconnect through both SSH and PuTTY, so I had to delete the instance and create another one.

Hi @aarongkebede,

Thanks for the info. I hope you can install your desired application in the new server without getting locked out again.

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