Can't access sudo user to change file for SSL cert setup

Keywords: Moodle - Virtual Machines - Technical issue - Secure Connections (SSL/HTTPS)
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I am trying to change the “/opt/bitnami/apache/conf/vhosts/moodle-https-vhost.conf” file to setup the SSL certificate but I need sudo access.

I typed it in the root user password as stated in “/home/bitnami/bitnami_credentials” but it tells me it is the incorrect password.

How can I determine what is the correct password?

Note: I did change the default setup password on moodle admin, I tried that and it still gives me access denied

Hello @fatimataayeb,

The password at /home/bitnami/bitnami_credentials is only for Moodle., the one you need to use is the password for the bitnami user used to login to the virtual machine. By default is user: bitnami / password: bitnami but you were prompted to change it the first time as explained here.

Francisco de Paz

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