Can't access my site anymore since the https certificate

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Hi all,
i ran the following command to add https certificate to my website:
$ sudo /opt/bitnami/bncert-tool

I followed the instructions and it ended on a success getting the https certificate.
But when i try to access my website, i see the redirection to https but it leads me to the default Bitnami welcome screen.
I have done this procedure once before and thought i could compare the conf files and get the solutions but the files are not exactly similar and i don’t know how to resolve that.

Thanks for your time.

Hello @florian2A,

I can see the redirection is working. That welcome page is the default screen for a Bitnami LAMP singleVM. What do you want to show there?


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Hello Davidg, thanks for your time.
I would like to show the content of my website i put in the htdocs folder. This content was displayed before i added the https certificate.

It’s the first time i use the bncert tool to add https to my website, and i thought i just had to modify the bitnami.conf, but i just have seen the file named bitnami-ssl.conf and that’s the file i was looking for although i didn’t know it was.
Sorry for wasting your time davidg, i found the answer.

Have a great day,


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