Can't access folder via SSH painel

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bnsupport ID: e2946d30-ce48-331f-4eb7-b4ffe8e92fd1
when i type ‘dir’ or ‘cd + folderpath’ the server return ‘No such file or directory’

bitnami support tool code - e2946d30-ce48-331f-4eb7-b4ffe8e92fd1

You need to use ls -ltr command to view a list of files and folders. To change the directory, you have to use cd directory.

Hi @Vitor,

Which file or directory are you trying to open?


a try to open the wp-config.php


but the weird thing the site working fine


Can you do screen share? I can help you.

Iftikhar Ahmad

the website in this machine is

You have to use the following commands:
cd /home/bitnami/apps/[your website folder]/htdocs
ls -ltr
vim wp-config.php

when i access the /home/bitnami/apps

then i go to ‘wordpress’

the wp-config.php is there, but not in folder htdocs

Great. You got it. You can edit it using vim.

so, i need to execute this tutorial How to Properly Configure WP Rocket for Nginx + Varnish?

but i can’t, because my instalation is complety diferent eg: i do not have this file /opt/bitnami/apps/wordpress/conf/nginx-app.conf

Now, you need to hire me. :grinning:

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I’m facing the same issue on my domain, can anyone help me solve the problem? I’m beginner, so try to explain it simply

Hi @ourrangefinder1,

Can you create a new post for this issue?


I’m facing a huge problem on my website as I’m unable to find the robots.txt file here. This thing is effecting my rankings badly.

Hi @ourrangefinder1,

Can you please create a new post for this issue and run the bnsupport tool?


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