Cannot update geos component

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When trying to run the configure command for postgis 2.4.5, I come across this alert:

configure: WARNING: --------- GEOS VERSION WARNING ------------
configure: WARNING: You are building against GEOS 3.5.1
configure: WARNING: To take advantage of all the features of
configure: WARNING: this PostGIS version requires GEOS 3.7.0 or higher.
configure: WARNING: To take advantage of most of the features of this PostGIS
configure: WARNING: we recommend GEOS 3.6 or higher
configure: WARNING: You can download the latest versions from
configure: WARNING:
configure: WARNING:

I tried installing geos 3.7 separately but it didn’t get picked up in the postgis configuration. How can I update the geos component that is part of the bitnami stack?

Hi @hlau,

We build the different components the stacks include from scratch. In this case, I verified that we are using GEOS 3.5.1 when building PostgreSQL. Using a new version of GEOS implies building PostgreSQL again and that’s not an easy task.

I’m going to open a new task in our board to update the GEOS version but we can’t provide you with an estimation about when this will be available. As this is just only a WARNING message, did you obtain any error message when continuing the process? Can you try a previous version of PostGIS?


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