Cannot migrate content due to 32-bit PHP for Bitnami WP multisite

Keywords: WordPress Multisite - Installers - How to - Upgrade

I have an existing Bitnami WAMP stack 5.6.30 that is running WP multisite. I want to migrate to a newer version of Bitnami WAMP WP multisite but the existing PHP is 32-bit and the recommended All-In-One Migration tool requires 64-bit PHP. How can I export/migrate my WP multisite to a new server?

Hi @qccwebmaster,

Thanks for using Bitnami. Your question is more related to a plugin or the application itself than to the Bitnami installation.

We recommend you to ask the plugin developers for further help on this (maybe they can provide you with an older version supporting 32-bits), or in the WordPress forums for help on how to manually migrate the WordPress information to another instance (database and app data).

Thanks. I turned to you as that vendor take 48-96 hours to respond to a request for support.

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