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I cannot login with the default Open Edx Credential.
I am using Google Cloud, but the exact problem has been described in other thread with AWS, however, there is no avail:

So, I guess this is a wide spread problem? Is open edx essentially broken now? Thank you.

I attached the wrong topic.
It should be this one:

The OVA file suffer from the same issue. Is there any way I can download oldee OVA version?

Hi @ffleader1,

I just launched a fresh Bitnami edX instance in the Google Cloud (us-east4-c region) with 7.5GB of RAM (n1-standard-2) and could login to the application without issues

I took a look at the information of the Bitnami Support tool and didn’t see anything wrong there. Could you please try to log in to the application using an incognito window or a different browser?


Well, that is indeed very strange. None of my config work, either downloading the OVA or launch it through G-Cloud. The Gcloud I use us-central-1
This is my log error for running the tool:

[Sat Jun 19 02:24:37.370776 2021] [wsgi:error] [pid 2384] [remote ***ip_address*** :8855] self.log(event_str) [Sat Jun 19 02:24:37.370823 2021] [wsgi:error] [pid 2384] [remote ***ip_address*** :8855] Message: '{"name": "/signin_redirect_to_lms", "context": {"user_id": null, "path": "/signin_redirect_to_lms", "course_id": "", "org_id": ""}, "username": "", "session": "", "ip": "[](", "agent": "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/91.0.4472.106 Safari/537.36", "host": "", "referer": "", "accept_language": Press [Enter] to continue: "en-US,en;q=0.9,vi-VN;q=0.8,vi;q=0.7", "event": "{\\"GET\\": {\\"next\\": [\\"\\"]}, \\"POST\\": {}}", "time": "2021-06-19T02:24:37.366976+00:00", "event_type": "/signin_redirect_to_lms", "event_source": "server", "page": null}' [Sat Jun 19 02:24:37.370835 2021] [wsgi:error] [pid 2384] [remote ***ip_address*** :8855] Arguments: ()

I also zipped a video here. Basically, I cannot log in. Placing the default credential will just bring me back to home page. (340.5 KB)

Hi @ffleader1,

I just launched another Bitnami edX instance in the same region you mentioned and the application worked properly. I used the Bitnami Launchpad for Google to deploy the solution, can you try it?

You can find more information about it here

Happy to help!

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Well I always use bitnami launch pad.

In that case, did you try to use an incognito window or a different browser in your machine?

Yes, I also did. I do attached a video in a comment above if you want to see what happened.

Hi @ffleader1,

The system returns an error when I try to download it and we will investigate it. Can you upload the video to a cloud storage platform (Dropbox, Gdrive, …) and share the link here?


Here is it:!As0mVXE_oAgi7EzxidjvlW4-vaE_?e=DS4D6h

Hello @ffleader1,

Can you try Mozilla Firefox? It seems to be a bug in the application checking this case.


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