Cannot login to Grafana after updating from 6.1.6 to 7.5.6

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I have Bitnami Grafana from AWS marketplace.
I updated by downloading a tar file and installing it with dpkg.
Before, I copied folders /opt/bitnami/grafana/conf & /opt/bitnami/grafana/data.
Now, 7.5.6 login screen appears but cannot login, also I cannot start service:
sudo /opt/bitnami/ start

It gives error:
nami ERROR Unable to start com.bitnami.grafana: Pid file ‘/opt/bitnami/grafana/tmp/’ was found but either no proper PID was found or no process is running there.

2021-05-24T11:56:10.815Z - error: Unable to perform start operation nami command exited with exit code 1

Hi @abonnin,

Thanks for using Bitnami. We recommend you to create a server backup before doing any other change so you don’t lose all your application data if anything fails.

Our installation doesn’t use the dpkg package manager to install grafana, so you can’t update it that way. What you need to do is to revert your installation to the previous state, launch a new server with the newer Grafana version, and migrate the Grafana information using the official guide linked below

I also found some information in the Grafana community forums that may be of help

Notice Bitnami installation is located under /opt/bitnami directory, but you will find the same files than in the official release, so you can replace them in the new server.

Apart from the above, and having into account you are trying to upgrade between two Grafana major versions, we recommend you to check with the Grafana community for any additional step required to properly migrate the data from those versions, just in case there are any additional step needed

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