Cannot Log In; Wrong Hash for User Passwords

I set up user accounts for my Phabricator installation (installed via
Bitnami Phabricator stack, has PHP5.5) with their passwords via .bin/accountadmin, and I also changed my password there. (I know the passwords are correct, as

However, when I try to log in, I get “Unhandled Exception
(“PhabricatorPasswordHasherUnavailableException”): Attempting to compare
a password saved with the “bcrypt” hash. The hasher exists, but is not
currently usable. Upgrade to PHP 5.5.0 or newer.”

This is rather annoying as I have PHP 5.5 installed and verified, and I installed bcrypt via sudo apt-get install, though Phabricator does not seem recognize it. I have an active login on one computer, though I may lose that overnight.

I now cannot log in anyone. Why is accountadmin using a hash that it doesn’t have, and how do I fix this?

Hi @CodeMouse92,

Did you executed the commands using the Bitnami Console? You need to do it to use the PHP included in the Bitnami Stack. If you don’t execute it, you will be using the PHP installed in your system.