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I’m attempting to use the apache reverse proxy feature to proxy to different applications on an AWS Lightsail ubuntu server. I learned that the Node JS bitnami server doesn’t have the mod_proxy_html module set by default and found this page to enable it.

After following the instructions I get the following error message:

httpd.bin: Syntax error on line 133 of /opt/bitnami/apache2/conf/httpd.conf: Cannot load modules/ into server: /opt/bitnami/apache2/modules/ undefined symbol: htmlFreeParserCtxt

Searching the web for a solution has yielded no results, as the bitnami apache configuration is special.

Has anyone run into the same issue or is there a solution I missed somewhere in the forums?

Hi @elvis.g.j,

Could you please confirm you followed the “Approach B” instructions when running the commands? From the Bitnami Support tool, I can see that the library you installed is in the instance but it’s not in the correct place and that’s why Apache is failing. Please take a look at the instructions again and let us know if you continue getting the same error so we review it.


Thank you Jota! I realized that one of the lines was saved at the end of the configuration file and it had to be declared before the mod_proxy_html declaration. Apache is working as intended now. I appreciate the help!

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