Cannot find Wordpress admin password in EC2 installation log

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    The latest pkg of Bitnami Mutlisite on AWS.

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    Once the installtion is over, we could find the Wordpress instance password from the EC2 log, that has been setup initially for user . But now that I open log, i cannot find the password.

Where will I get the same?

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Hello @ananddevops,

You could access your server via SSH and run this command:

sudo cat /opt/bitnami/var/log/pre-start.log | grep "Setting Bitnami application password"

I hope it helps

@davidg Thanks. While I try this solution, is there no way that I can find the same from AWS - EC2 instance logs?


Hello @ananddevops,

It should appear in EC2 logs. However, an error may happen. If the solution does not work for you, you could change the password of that application too.

Apart from that, you could retry launching a new machine. If EC2 logs are not ok, please let us know the AMI and kind of instances you are using so we can try to debug it.


@davidg I configured the SSH using this link - Configure SSH - Bitnami Docs
But, I am getting an error, for the same as well . See Screenshot

I am also uploading the EC2 log in the above image description, it does not have the password and it was a clean install

Please suggest how to resolve?

Hello @ananddevops,

When launching the solution using the AWS Marketplace, you need to generate a key pair and you only have that opportunity to download it. Then, you need to select that keypair when launching the server. Did you follow the steps that are explained in this guide?

In order to configure Putty, you need to use the file you downloaded. Did you download that file and configure putty with it?


Yes absolutely @davidg. I downloaded the .pem file and then converted it into a ppk file using PuttyGen. Using the same to configure my Putty session --> Connection --> SSH --> Auth.

Hi @ananddevops,

It is weird. I could not reproduce the issue.

It seems that the server is refusing your key file, did you change your key file? Have you downloaded any other file that replaced your key file?

If you are using AWS and you restarted your server, it’s possible that the public IP and the public DNS have changed, could you check them?

Could you take a look at these previous cases?


@davidg i am not sure what is happening either, But thes are the following steps I did :slight_smile:

  1. I installed the Bitnami MultiSite AMI, with EC2 Instance Launch.
  2. Then I created an EIP and associate with the above instance
  3. Then I routed my domain, using Route53, DNS setup.
  4. Configured the AWS dns records with the Domain server
  5. Check the DNS propogation.

Now I can’t even start the website or the SSH session. How do I resolve this?


@davidg I also noticed that when I intially installed the AMI, the website came up. It is when I created a Public EIP and associated with the instance that - associated ip, value was showing incorrect and hence the site was not coming up. It is here the re-direction is failing.

Helli @ananddevops,

We have a Support Tool that will gather relevant information for us to analyze your configuration and logs. Could you please execute it on the machine where the stack is running by following the steps described in the guide below?

@davidg inroder to start a Terminal I will need AWS CLI and its respective configuration, which i am currently in between.

Till then I created a new setup to study where the configuration is breaking. Wrt to the below images, I shall tell you where :

1Image 1 - is when EC2 instance has been created using the Bitnami Wordpress Multisite AMI. at this point NO EIP has been associated with the above instance. Here the installation and wordpress site works fine(Not for Https) with http. See image 2 and image 3
2. Now when I create an EIP and associate with the same instance , the public IP changes - image 4. Now the website is being accessed with this public IP, it is being routed to the private IP of the EC2, which is why the site now does not work -image 5

So if we check the re-direction policy of the website URL, it should consider the public dns, which is currently the EIP, but I am guessing its not doing so

Let me know.


Hi @ananddevops,

That image seems related to not SSL, Did you have any certificate?


@Ibone not configure the SSL, so there is no issue there. Infact if you look at Image 1, you will realise that Bitnami AMI once installed as well does not work with HTTPS, so the website, only comes up with HTTP.

So the problem is in Redirection.

Hi @ananddevops,

Could you run the bnsupport?


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