Cannot create topics in GCP deployed Kafka with new version 3.0.0

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I cannot use the command bin/ --zookeeper=localhost:2181 --list in the latest kafka version 3.0.0 because it says that the -zookeeper option is no longer supported and I cannot use the command bin/ --bootstrap-server=localhost:9092 --list because is gives the error :

sudo bin/ --bootstrap-server=kafka-opca-vm:9092 --list
Error while executing topic command : Timed out waiting for a node assignment. Call: listTopics
[2021-11-17 16:22:30,117] ERROR org.apache.kafka.common.errors.TimeoutException: Timed out waiting for a node assignment. Call: listTopics

I need the script to work so I can create topics.

Hello @karl.nicholas,

Thanks for using our Kafka solution! The flag --zookeper was removed for Apache Kafka 3.0.0, you can check it in their JIRA boards:

Please refer to the official Kafka documentation to check on the new approach. If you have any more doubts about Kafka’s functionalities themselves, please refer to Kafka’s developer as they will be able to provide a better solution to them.

Francisco de Paz


Bitnami documention says to use --zookeeper flag. Can you please update the documentation with a working example on how to create topics in a bitnami deployed kafka on GCP (non cluster).

Can I get an earlier version of bitnami/kafka deployed on GCP?

Ok. I got it sorted. authentication - Stack Overflow

Hello @karl.nicholas,

Glad you got this solved! Thanks for pointing out the needed change on our doc. I’ll pass this to our documentation team for them to update it as soon as possible.

Francisco de Paz

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