Cannot choose nano instance type for wordpress

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It seems Bitnami stop allowing to create nano instance for wordpress, I check this thred EC2 Nano for Wordpress
but it doesn’t work, even stop the instance and change to nano will get a error message says it’s not supported.
Is there any way to setup a wordpress site on nano instance?

Hi @sl12,

The WordPress stack requires at least 700 MB of memory RAM to properly work but nano instances are 512 MB only. As @jota mentioned in his linked post, we found performance issues in the past, so we disabled it. If the provided workaround doesn’t work, it can be due to AWS doesn’t let you bypass the required memory restriction. You can get more information about the WordPress stack requirements in the link below.

Apart from that, and due to performance issues you may find, we highly recommend you to use at least the micro instance.

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