Cannot calculate MAC address: hv_vm_create unknown error -85377023 me too

Keywords: Redmine - OS X - Technical issue - Upgrade
I’m using a MacBook Pro.

I was using redmine fine.
However, after the Big Sur update yesterday, redmine is not running due to an error like the title.

Thank U.

Hi @leegw700,

Can you check the solution from this post:


Thank U reply,

I checked the link that I gave you. and I ran the commands. However, the error has not been resolved. I am getting the same error on my computer.

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Hi @leegw700,

We reproduced the issue and we are working on a solution, our apologies for the inconvenience.


Hi everyone,

We just uploaded a testing file to fix this problem when starting the Bitnami OS X VMs. Please take a look at the information in this other post.