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I just installed a new MEAN stack yesterday, and I’ve successfully set up an app that receives http posts and logs them in a mongodb collection. I’ve been using putty to connect with the instance over ssh and haven’t had any trouble with that. However, when I set up the ssh port forwarding in order to access RockMongo, even though my putty event log lists Local Port forwarding to localhost:80, when I try to access the RockMongo login page it says 503 service unavailable. I’ve verified that both mongodb and apache are running.

Any suggestions?

Hi @christopheraw,

Thank you for the information. I think you deployed a custom Node.js application of top of MEAN and the Apache’s configuration is not allowing you to access RockMongo. Could you please confirm that you followed this guide to deploy that application?

If that’s the case, can you share the configuration files you created? We will need the “/home/bitnami/Encounters-Server/conf/httpd-prefix.conf” file and all the other conf files you have in that folder.


Hi Jota, thanks for getting back to me.
I have followed that guide, and just for good measure tried restarting apache one more time and still no rockmongo.

My httpd-prefix.conf file contains:

Include "/home/bitnami/Encounters-Server/conf/httpd-app.conf"

My httpd-app.conf file contains:

ProxyPass /
ProxyPassReverse /

My /opt/bitnami/apache2/conf/bitnami/bitnami-apps-prefix.conf file containts:

# Bitnami applications installed in a prefix URL
Include "/opt/bitnami/apps/rockmongo/conf/httpd-prefix.conf"
Include "/home/bitnami/Encounters-Server/conf/httpd-prefix.conf"

@jota just realized I didn’t tag you in my reply, not sure if that’s necessary on this forum?

Hi @christopheraw,

No, it’s not needed to tag us to obtain the status of the tickets. If you reply, we have an automated system that notifies us. Thanks anyway :slight_smile:

Please edit the /home/bitnami/Encounters-Server/conf/httpd-app.conf file to not to redirect the requests to /rockmongo to the Node.js application

ProxyPass /rockmongo !
ProxyPass /
ProxyPassReverse /

You will need to restart Apache after that.

sudo /opt/bitnami/ restart apache
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