Cannot able to install plugins in bitnami WordPress lightsail

Type: Bitnami Support Tool

To perform the requested action, WordPress needs to access your web server. Please enter your FTP credentials to proceed. If you do not remember your credentials, you should contact your web host.

Hello @justvisittechnicalce,

This is usually related to a permissions issue, you can find several threads related to the same type of warning. I suggest you to also check out our guide Understand WordPress Filesystem Permissions.

Apart from that, this is not a “Bitnami Support Tool” question, this is a technical issue with the services inside the Bitnami WordPress solution. If you continue having issues with this, please create a new ticket in the forum using the “Technical issue” option when clicking on “+ New Topic”.

If you get any errors adding the bnsupport ticket ID when creating a “Technical issue” topic, please upgrade our bnsupport-tool. To do so, please download the latest version and run again the tool for it to generate a new ID.

Francisco de Paz

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