Can we add exo applications after a server is created


i want to install exo applicatioin but my server was created. I don’t know how to add this application now.

Could you help me?

Thanks in advance

Hi @manwest_c

for what you say, you are using Bitnami Cloud Hosting, and you want to install it with our BCH Console, right?

If not, you are able to install it downloading the stack itself and running the file (as any other of our stacks).

Yes I have a bitnami console and i want to agree a exo application, but the problem is that I can’t agree applications since the server was created.

How could i agree the exo app?

Hi @manwest_c,

In the Exo case you cannot install it after the server is created. One thing you can do is to create a new server with all the apps you need and then migrate the data following the steps in our wiki depending on the applications.

Remember that Exo is not going to work on a micro instance, you would need a small at least (it will work better on a medium if you have more than one application).

Hello Carlos and thanks so much!

I have moodle and owncloud app. Could you tell me the link to migrate the data of this app?

Hi @manwest_c,

You can use these two links
Which includes the full migration for Moodle

Which says that you need to copy


and the database

If you need any help, don’t hesitate to ask!

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Thanks Carlos

Everything was great!


Hi! I’ve launched wordpress via module (, it’s running fine, but how can I have it in applications section of BCH admin panel ? Currently only magento is there (installed when the server was created).