Can someone share a download link to latest PostgreSQL 10.x VBOX?

I saw on GitHub you can download containerized versions for PostgreSQL 10.11.0. Is it available also in VM format? Would you share a link to download the latest available?

Thanks in advance

Yes @rubendopico,

The virtual machines for PostgreSQL can be downloaded from

Hi @tomasp ,
I got from there the VM I am using (PostgreSQL version 12.1.0-0), but I can’t find previous versions.

Hi @rubendopico,

We don’t have the 10.11-0 available. The latest one from the major 10 version is 10.5-1. The next one after that is 11.0-0.


Version 10.5-1 would be enough for me. I’ll update myself to the latest version (unless you think it would cause me any trouble). Would you mind sharing the download link?

Thanks in advance

Hello @rubendopico,

Find it below:

Great! Thank you!
I think you can close the issue

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