Can I link the bitnami launchpad in to our own control panel?

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We have a customized control panel and we want to link our bitnami account to the panel and give our customer to set up the application using bitnami installer in our virtual platform. Is this possible? Like AWS+bitnami launchpad

Hi @cpramsh85,

So you want that once a user creates a deployment in your platform, a new VM is deployed using the Bitnami Launchpad, correct? I’m sorry to say that it’s not possible, the users will need to create a new account in the launchpad if they want to launch the applications or you will need to implement some functionalities in your platform to use the AWS CLI tool to deploy Bitnami instances in your/his AWS account.

Hmm. you are saying that there is no bitnami GUI is available for us to implement it in our cloud platform directly, right?

Hi @cpramsh85,

Unfortunately it’s not supported.


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