Bncert-tool issue: domain resolves to a different ip address than the one detected

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bndiagnostic output:

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Configuring Bitnami HTTPS Configuration Tool.

Executing: /opt/bitnami/bncert-tool
Providing Domain List:

It throws following warning:

Warning: The domain ‘’ resolves to a different IP address
than the one detected for this machine, which is ‘’. Please fix its
DNS entries or remove it. For more info see:
Press [Enter] to continue:
Both Domain(s) are configured under Route-53, having A-record pointed to
Above-Mentioned Elastic IP is associated with Instance Id hosting Bitnami setup.

Verified over for both domains, and they are correctly traced.

Ran, “getent hosts” for both domains on the EC2 instance, and received the following:
Further ran “Bitnami Diagnostic Tool” - providing code: a8ce6d0b-c5ef-74c7-739b-604057051318

Please check and suggest what is missing in the setup.


Hi @dave.das,

Thank you for using Bitnami and the HTTPS configuration tool. The bncert tool uses to get the public IP of your instance and verify that the domain is pointing to the correct IP address. Could you please confirm is the IP of your instance? You have 2 ways to get this info:

  • From the AWS Console: You can get the IP of the instance using the web interface
  • From the instance’s console: Run this command
curl -L

Please ensure the domain is configured with the correct IP address and then run the tool to generate the certificates.

Happy to help!

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Hello @jota
Please note over AWS Console, it is configured to be
But using “curl -L”, it is showing as

As per my understanding, it is configured correctly.
Additional information
Domain is from GoDaddy;
It is pointed to AWS’s Name Server(s).
AWS is configured to route “A-record” to IP Address: for “www” and “non-www” domain. is the elastic IP Address, and is associated with correct instance (hosting bitnami).

Please suggest what I might be missing.

Hi @dave.das,

That IP belongs to Amazon

Could you please confirm if you can access your application using that IP?

  • If you can access your app using that IP, update your DNS records to point to and then use the Bitnami HTTPS configuration tool to generate the SSL certificates
  • If not, follow the alternative approach in our documentation so you generate the SSL certificates manually using the current configuration of your domain.

Happy to help!

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