Bitnami Wordpress MAC OS 11.3 big Sur Error starting "WordPress" stack

Hi @Katie,

The commands I posted above do not remove any data of your project, did you remove it accidentally? If you have a backup of your machine (the qcow file), you can replace it inside the ~/.bitnami folder and launch the OS X VM again to see if it includes your data.

I have tried the fix and I am still getting an error.

cannot calculate MAC address: Using fd 12 for I/O notifications
hv_vm_create HV_ERROR (unspecified error)

I am sure I followed the directions properly. What should I try next?

Let me add that I just installed XAMPP-VM today for the first time. So I have never had it up and running.

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Hi @tinjaw,

We are currently releasing new XAMPP versions with this new binary. As the file you are using doesn’t have the new hyperkit binary, you need to follow the steps I posted above.

Can you share with us the architecture and version of your Mac OS X machine? Please note that the new Mac M1 (ARM) are not supported (more info here: MAC M1: Error starting "testlink" stack, cannot calculate MAC address:).

That’s me. That’s why the call it the bleeding edge. I’m definitely bloody over there one. That is why I keep my old computer around. Thanks.

At present, what options are there from XAMPP for people running Mac M1?

Hi @tinjaw,

I’m sorry to say this but we do not support Mac M1 so it’s currently not possible to install the ApacheFriends’ XAMPP in your machine. You will need to manually install the different components and configure them to be able to deploy your PHP application on top of them.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

I have just downloaded XAMPP and am facing the same issue.

I’ve tried this but at the last step, when I try to replace the hyperkit binary, the terminal returns “not overwritten”. And so when I run XAMPP, it wouldn’t work. Any idea how to fix this? or am I doing something wrong?

I’m using Macbook Pro 2017, macOS Big Sur Version 11.3.1

*ps I’m very new to this so I have no idea whats happening but just following the instructions. Any explanation/help would be greatly appreciated

Thank you!

Hi, I’ve just downloaded for the first time Bitnami Wordpress, I’m using an Imac 2017 with BigSur11.3.1. I’m really a newby in this, just copying commands on Terminal, but after the third passage I get a sintax error so I guess there is something wrong. Please let me know, thanks

Hi @skylarr,

Maybe you replaced the file previously and that’s why you are getting the “not overwritten” error message. Can you get the MD5 checksum of the current hyperkit file?

md5sum ~/.bitnami/stackman/helpers/hyperkit

If the output matches with what I posted above, you should be able to start the OS X VM without problems.

Hi @filocullen,

The command you need to run to verify the MD5 checksum is the following one

md5 /tmp/hyperkit-testing-20210430

If the output matches with what I posted above, you can finish the process by moving the file to the ~/.bitnami folder and starting the OS X VM again.

Hello, thank you for replying!

Am I doing this right? I started the terminal and entered the command you provided to get the MD5 checksum. Or are there steps I have to complete before?

Unfortunately the terminal returned “command not found”…