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Currently Bitnami uses native installation to install OpenEdx on AWS. However, OpenEdx will deprecate this installation method in the next release which is only a month away. They will then support installation via Tutor. Does Bitnami have an AMI that installs OpenEdx using tutor? How will Bitnami resolve this issue for all the people who are currently using a native installation?

Hi @empowrco,

Thank you for taking the time to let us know about this change. Could you please let us know where you saw that information? I’ll share it with the engineering team to evaluate it.

No, we don’t.

Once the team evaluates the possibilities and the new version is released, we will work on updating our solution to the catalogue. Once it’s released, you will need to launch that new version and migrate the information in case you want to use it.


Here is where you can see they will no longer support native.

The fact that we cannot upgrade the instance seems like a big deal. That could disrupt a lot of peoples workflows. Or am i missing somethign?

Hello @empowrco,

Thanks a lot for providing us with this information. The team will check it in order to be ready when a new version appears. We will take care of any needed notification to users and/or documentation change too.


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