Bitnami-Testlink upgrade from 1.9.12 to 1.9.13

Hi this is poetman. and i’m using bitnami-testlink.
Until now i used bitnami-testlink(ver 1.9.12) well.
But after upgrade to 1.9.13 version, i can not login and this message is prompted.
“You need to proceed with Manual upgrade of your DB scheme to DB 1.9.13 - Read README file!”
The procedure of upgrade by me is below :

  1. backup upload_area files
  2. mysql db backup using mysqldump.
  3. deleted testlink-1.9.12 folder.
  4. install new version(1.9.13) bitnami-testlink.
  5. restored mysql backup file.

After that, i cannot log in to my testlink web page.

Please help me…!!

Hi @poetmania73,

Did you follow the steps that are explained in the README file of Plone 1.9.13? You can download the new version of Plone and check all the steps that you have to follow in that file.

Moreover you should use our console to run all the commands, you will find more information about that in the following link:

Please let us know if it works for you!

Hi jota.

Thanks for your repply.

And i have a question.
What is the Plone ? i didn't hear about that.
The readme file means the file which is located in testlink-1.9.13-0, right ?
If yes, i read the file already. but i can't under stand.
So if there is some detailed explanation to upgrade from v1.9.12 to v1.9.13, please let me know that.
I'm starter to bitnami-testlink, so i don't have efficient knowledge.

Thank you.

Hi @poetmania73,

I'm so sorry, Plone is another application that we provide the installers, I was talking about Testlink instead Plone.

Yes, the Readme file is a file that you will find in that folder.

I would suggest you asking in their forums to get more information about how to upgrade the application, moreover I'm going to test it and I'll tell you if I have something.


I had the same issue and fixed it by running the sql scripts located in "/install/sql/alter_tables/1.9.13/mysql/DB.1.9.13".
There are two folders there,step1 and stepZ. Run the scripts located there in the DB logged in as user "bn_testlink" (you can get the pass for that user in file "\testlink-1.9.13-0\apps\testlink\htdocs\"). After running both scripts you should be able to use TestLink normally.

Note: If you do not have the folders step1 and step 2 you can see them online in

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Hi @pablodz9,

Thank you for taking your time to let us know.

This will help @poetmania73 and the rest of the users that have the same issue.


Thank you pablodz9 and jota.

I'll try it after come back to my office.
Now i'm woking at other region.

After try, i'll let you know.
Thank you so much..

Hi pablodz9 and jota.

First, thank you so much.

Finally i can use testlink v1.9.13 with previous DB and uploaded file.
Only one thing does not work. The attached files which several captured files can not be seen.
Only the first attached file(captured png file) can be seen, and another are not visible.

Any idea about it ?

I appreciate for your reply.


Could you check if the issue is caused due to a broken link or a missing file?

Could you give us more details or a screenshot of your error?


Hi andres.

I'm sorry for late reply.

This issue is cleared after reboot system(server).
Maybe there were some system error.

Thank you.