Bitnami postgresql on GCP and stackdriver

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There is an issue with stackdriver on GCP:

Mar 22 12:37:21 bitnami-postgresql-cluster-1-node-0 collectd[9820]: lt_dlopen ("/opt/stackdriver/collectd/lib/collectd/") 
failed: file not found. The most common cause for this problem is missing dependencies. Use ldd(1) to check the dependencies of the plu
gin / shared object.                                                                                             
Mar 22 12:37:21 bitnami-postgresql-cluster-1-node-0 collectd[9820]: plugin_load: Load plugin "postgresql" failed with status 1.    
Mar 22 12:37:21 bitnami-postgresql-cluster-1-node-0 collectd[9820]: There is a `Database' block within the configuration for the postgr
esql plugin. The plugin either only expects "simple" configuration statements or wasn't loaded using `LoadPlugin'. Please check your co
root@bitnami-postgresql-cluster-1-node-0:/opt/stackdriver/collectd/lib/collectd# ldd                                     (0x00007fff7d3cb000)                                                                                          => not found                                                                                                       => /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ (0x00007faa03f90000)                                                              
        /lib64/ (0x00007faa04539000)                                                                               

need manual installation of libpq5

Hi @vlad,

Thank you for using our solution and reporting this error message. I just launched a fresh Bitnami “PostgreSQL with Replication” solution in Google and didn’t obtain that error message in the logs. I also checked that the /opt/stackdriver folder doesn’t exist in that Bitnami solution, could you please let us know if you made changes in the server after launching it? Did you configure stackdriver on your own? Can you share the guide you followed?


Hi @gongomgra

I have used howto to install stackdriver

Really, stackdriver is not in bitnami image, but I had hope that if it is offered via “Launch on GCP” it should be compatible with stackdriver.

Thank you.

Hi @vlad,

Thank you for the information. I just created an internal task to evaluate the addition of the stackdriver agent inside the Multi Tier solutions.

However, the information you posted in the first message will be really useful for those users who also install the agent manually. We will review that everything works as expected when we add the agent by default in the solution.


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