Bitnami-Joomla installer breaking XAMPP

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Just FYI…do yourselves a favor and just download latest Joomla.pkg from Joomla.

Fixed my issue.

Running on Windows 10 Home , 20H2.
XAMPP for Windows 7.3.28, 7.4.20 & 8.0.7

Hi @jchapa956,

Can you give more details regarding the error?



Good day.

I could not derive any useful data from the logs to pinpoint what was causing the break.

I just know that something in the Bitnami-Joomla Win installer was causing the break.

To attempt to reproduce, download the
XAMPP for Windows 7.3.28, 7.4.20 & 8.0.7 and then run Bitnami-Joomla Win installer.

It installs fine, then maybe within 5 minutes of start up crashes.

I just know that installing from a native Joomla pkg solved my issue.

It may have been a blocked port, but I checked the ports and they were open, and working fine prior to running the Bitnami installer.

Thank you for responding.

Have a great day :+1:

Hi @jchapa956,

Which of those versions did you install in your computer?

That’s strange, if the application is installed properly and you can access it, it doesn’t make sense that the app starts failing 5 minutes later. Have you tried using an incognito window or a different browser?

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