Bitnami Drupal and Nginx, why 404 found except Homepage?

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    Bitnami NGINX Open Source 1.18.0-31 + Bitnami Drupal

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    If during the installation of drupal everything worked correctly for the pages of the installation process as well as the homepage is presented correctly, when you log in or access other pages, a classic nginx 404 not found appears .

I found a solution on Google and replaced all “try_files $ uri /index.php?$query_string;” with “try_files $ uri $ uri / /index.php?q=$uri&$args;” both in the nginx.conf file and in the drupal-server-block.conf file but nothing happens. The problem persists.

the blocks in nginx.conf

the blocks in drupal-server-block.conf

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Hi @dantinoesposito,

We have a Support Tool that will gather relevant information for us to analyze your configuration and logs. Could you please execute it on the machine where the stack is running by following the steps described in the guide below?

Please note that you need to paste the code ID that is shown at the end.



Hi @dantinoesposito,

According to the Nginx log a directory can’t be found:

2021/02/20 14:00:53 [error] 5807#5807: *1 open() "/opt/bitnami/drupal/admin/modules" failed (2: No such file or directory), client: ***.***.***, server: _, request: "GET /admin/modules HTTP/1.1", host: "www.******", referrer: "https://www.*****.***/ 

Can you check that ‘/opt/bitnami/drupal/admin/modules’ exists?


Hi @michiel

I don’t blame you if you made a mistake but I seem to know that drupal doesn’t have an “admin” folder.

I don’t quite know how Bitnami Drupal reacts with nginx and the active www and https redirect that I put in nginx.conf and drupal-server-block.conf. But it seems strange to me because if it works correctly during installation and that is showing both https and www, I wonder why it should not show the admin folder.

Is there someone who can help me?

We used to accept this type of support even from services that involve an outlay and also not cheap but whatever it is, it is implausible and it is not fair to write a post with a problem today and maybe get help in a week.

Please, we try in general to be more helpful and faster. Otherwise this can no longer be called support.
Already if it really came to help the user but with such a slow time it is yes support but it is a poorly made support.

Hi @dantinoesposito,

Please note that we provide free support and we usually reply within 24 hours. The charges are billed by the cloud provider and not Bitnami.

I’m afraid the issue exceeds the scope of this forum. Bitnami solutions are self contained with their own components and created to work out of the box. Nginx is not currently supported for Bitnami Drupal, although it’s on our roadmap to support it in the future. That said, the following guide may be of help to install a custom PHP application on Nginx:

Best regards,

I wrote it clearly in my message: we users accept this support. The fact that it is free is not and should never be a justification for lower quality media or delays.

In this case, your support was very bad.
Whether it’s Apache or Nginx, Drupal doesn’t have an “admin” folder.
And already the first answer to the problem was provided after 2 days (more than within 24 hours).
More generally, I have noticed these delays not only with this problem.
However, I understand that you cannot know everything and try what you can to help out.

I wonder what is right, in the end, the link for installing an app with what is the redirect or some other problem related to this error situation.

I am very disappointed. Like other posts by other users who have not found a resolution or who were disappointed with Bitnami solutions, if I do not solve this problem I will remove and advise against Bitnami both with negative reviews and to my colleagues. Also because, if the pages beyond the homepage cannot be viewed, even if I wanted to, I can no longer adopt it as a solution.

Hi @dantinoesposito,

I’m sorry to hear that. We offer support for issues related to the Bitnami configuration and as Bitnami supports many apps our documentation covers only the most common scenarios. We will check that the guide I shared with you for installing a custom application is correct and will try to reproduce the issue. We will update this thread with further information.


Hi @michiel

maybe it’s not clear.

You are not asking for anything other than the correctness of your own guides:

you don’t have to do anything other than perform these three steps

  1. Launch an AWS instance with Bitnami Nginx
  2. follow the guide
  3. follow the guide

You will see that the homepage appears but if you already click on Log in to access Drupal, the link will display a nice 404.

Hi @dantinoesposito,

This other ticket is related to this one so we are going to continue providing you support there. We will work on installing the Drupal solution on top of the Bitnami NGINX solution and generate the SSL certificates as you explained in your post.

We will update the ticket as soon as we have more information