Bitnami/couchdb images seem not to be generated from latest CouchDB main branch

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Images with tags e.g. bitnami/couchdb:latest or bitnami/couchdb:3.1.1-debian-10-rxxx seem NOT to be generated from the latest state of CouchDB main branch.
Fixes, which are done on main branch, are not present in bitnami/couchdb:latest.
CouchDB recently changed from ‘master’ to ‘main’ branch. Is that change taken into account in Bitnami CouchDB images?

Has anyone else noticed this issue?


Hi @paprocki.krzysztof,

Thank you for your interest in the Bitnami solution. In order to build the Bitnami CouchDB solution, we take the files they provide in the official website

That means that we do not track the main or master branches in their repository. Once a new version is published with all the changes they’ve implemented lately, our system detects and downloads it. After that, our pipeline starts building and testing the different assets before making them public.

If you have any other questions regarding the Bitnami containers, we provide technical support for our containers in our Github repositories. Our team is actively monitoring them and will be glad to help you there, usually within a business day, and the whole community will benefit from your contribution. Could you please post your question by creating a new issue there?

Happy to help!

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