Bitnami Azure Wordpress Multisite Issue

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Hi all,

I have an odd occurrence in that every time I spin down and back up my website (VM) instance in Azure, the Wordpress Multisite does not spin back up correctly. It either loses the DB connection, or resets to the URL. Is there a specific way to power down parts of the LAMP stack in order rather than shutting down the entire VM, in order to preserve the setup and functionality of the site?

Sorry if this has been addressed elsewhere, it has me worried for the next possible downtime for the Azure space in which its hosted.


Hi @jcummings ,

Did you already configure the domain? Configure WordPress Multisite

The is a “magic domain name” based on the IP. We set it up this way to make WP multisite work as it wouldn’t work using a plain IP address. When you restart the machine most of the time the IP changes and the xip domain is changed as well.


Hi @michiel, so the binding to the DNS is released each time I restart the VM? Am I understanding that correctly? Is there not a way to prevent this from happening, and all of the added changes to rebind the domain back to the website VM?

Yes I have already configured the domain for the site. Sorry for all of the questions, and thank you for your replies.

Hi @jcummings,

Can you check if the following file exists?

ls -la /opt/bitnami/.app_domain_disabled


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