Bitnami AWS Ghost appliance behind Cloudfront - ghost config url directive redirects to

Keywords: Ghost - AWS - Technical issue - Secure Connections (SSL/HTTPS)
bnsupport ID: 78f6c099-d822-701b-9e5b-f44e8b88f48d
It appears that this appliance has difficulty behind Cloudfront as the ‘domain’ can only be set to an fqdn, not specifying http/https as the prefix. Whenever I use ghost config url it wants to redirect to

I understand this appliance is intended to allow for LetsEncrypt and running SSL natively, however, I need to be able to configure the base url for the Ghost install to be even though the fqdn/Cloudfront origin is different from this.

How can I get the desired behavior for the Ghost installation to render pages that match the Cloudfront distribution so I don’t get mixed content?

Here is an example of the fault condition:

Hey @davidg I just saw you respond to someone else on a ticket, this has been open for days with no suggestions from Bitnami engineers so I figured I would ping you because I saw you were active. Do you have any suggestions?

@jota just figured I would ping you too? I haven’t gotten any Bitnami support on this particular issue.

This is the same issue occurring here, however, the steps are not remedying it:

Hello @phillhocking,

Please keep in mind we offer support from Monday to Friday, so there may be cases where issues opened on Friday don’t get reviewed until Monday.

Regarding the use of ghost config url, are you restarting ghost afterward as such:

ghost config url && ghost restart

Also, could you share a new bnsupportID with the updated changes you tried following?

Francisco de Paz


I have been using sudo /opt/bitnami/ restart to restart the services. I also used letsencrypt to ensure that ssl would work for the origin in case cloudfront was trying to hit it via ssl, but now it just redirects to regardless. I could hop on a Zoom or something if that’s helpful.

Hello @phillhocking,

We are sorry to tell you that we do not provide this kind of service. I have used a fresh ghost instance and was able to configure its domain and the use of https using our bncert-tool succesfully.

I have rechecked your site and it seems to be working properly, with the redirections in place and without any Mixed Content errors. Were you able to solve this?

Francisco de Paz

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