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On my ubuntu laptop I am running Docker and in it I have a container called bitnami/apache that i started with docker-compose. My first question is WHERE on this website do I get support for this? I was sent over the bitnami Github site but then there are a bunch of choices. Which one to choose for my local linux install?

OK> I found this code in my app:

    $profile = 'default';
    $path = '/home/bitnami/.aws/credentials';
    $provider = CredentialProvider::ini($profile, $path);
    $provider = CredentialProvider::memoize($provider);

So I went into the bitnami/docker container and cd ~. I then “ls” but there is no bitnami directory.

So what does this mean. Is the bitnami apache container different that a regular bitnami install? I sure hope someone will answer.

Hi @richb201,

Could you post your question on the Bitnami Solr Github page?

Best regards,

Hi Michiel. I don’t even know what Solr. Contribute is??

Hi @richb201,

Could you tell me which Bitnami application you are using?


Hi. At this point i am going to try to use hashi vault. It seems that I
thought I was using bitnami, but the bitnami/docker image abandons the
bitnami paradigm. I have a few choices. One is to change the user
directive in docker to use root. I tried this and need both root and 1001
as owners to get my codeigniter app to work. The other is to use hashi
vault to secure the app. Finally, I could remove docker and just use
bitnami multi tier. I’d feel much more confident with this, but do I create
a vbox on my local Ubuntu development machine to do this? Seems like a
tough road.

Hi @richb201,

Unfortunately our Multi tier solutions are only available in the cloud and can’t be used locally.

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