Bitbucket authentication fails


For sometime I have been facing an issue where whenever I try to login using bitbucket authentication, I get [HTTP/401] error. I have attached the screenshot with the full error message.

Here are my configuration details.

phabricator 216f6be11ece53cb1daafc8fff636dbdb0d7ef3d (Tue, Feb 28) (branched from c15501fc9b06f46a699bcded6d2e14c5c48af2db on origin)
arcanist 822bc53ca306e06314560d8a76f68771d732e8e0 (Sat, Feb 25) (branched from 3b6b523c2b236e3724a1e115f126cb6fd05fa128 on origin)
phutil 76983f49b179e575187c7dc5098cd1fbfac300c7 (Tue, Feb 28) (branched from 0625e4d28b16cba8b0154e49dc31845559b4e704 on origin)
Local Version Bitnami Phabricator 20160523-0

Any idea why this is happening ? I tried checking the logs but I couldn’t find anything useful there.


Hi @vivekanand,

I’ve just launched the latest Bitnami Phabricator version in the cloud and I could import a BitBucket repository without problems.

I created a repository using the “Diffusion” menu of the application, then create a new URI to link it to my repository. I used the HTTPS link that BitBucket gave me. I needed to set this configuration when creating it to pull all the changes from the repository


The repository was fully imported after waiting some seconds.

I hope this information helps.



Sorry if I was not clear.

The problem as I mentioned above is in phabricator authentication where bitbucket is one of the login providers. The repository part which you have mentioned is working fine.

@jota I am talking about the bitbucket login as shown in the screenshot below.


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I understand that, thats what I did before, but the moment they saw I am using Bitmani stack they simply said they don’t support externally packaged phabricator installations. See this issue example posted by me for an issue before

The relevant info under “Supported Issues” in also says “We do NOT support third-party packages or instructions”. So this is the only place people can ask questions.

Looks like I am on my own now, I’ll try my luck by raising an issue there. Thanks for you time!