Big Sur update broke my website

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Cannot open my stack or terminal after new Mac OS Big Sur update.

Hi @gerardo1,

Thanks for using Bitnami. This issue was reported last week, and it should be solved in the last release. We highly encourage you to create a backup of your current installation before doing any change

cp -rp ~/.bitnami ~/.bitnami.bck

After that, this issue should be solved if you replace your current hyperkit binary with the latest one. Can you run the next commands and share the output of the first one with us?

~/.bitnami/helpers/hyperkit -v
mv ~/.bitnami/helpers/hyperkit ~/.bitnami/helpers/hyperkit.bck

After that, please download the latest OS X VM from our website and run it. It should deploy a new hyperkit binary. You can double-check it running the command below

~/.bitnami/helpers/hyperkit -v

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