Best way to run multiple wordpress installs on windows desktop?

What is the easiest way to run multiple wordpress installs on my windows desktop?

I've seen a few older articles with methods but need to know the current easiest approach.

Thank you!

Hi @Wuvu2,

Could you please follow our guide about how to install several WordPress modules on the same stack?

Please let us know if it works for you.


Hi Jota,

Thanks for the response I admit to being a total newbie at this.

I am on windows and working with WAMP. sorry for any confusion.

To install Wordpress on top I've just double clicked on the download in my download folder. If this line of code is needed where does it go?

./bitnami-wordpress-VERSION-module-windows-installer.exe --wordpress_instance_name newblogname

I'm stuck at where to work with this special command.



Hi @Wuvu2

Please, follow these steps to install several WordPress modules:

1- Install the WAMP Stack (I guess you already did it).
2- Download the WordPress wamp module from
3- Open the Bitnami Console (more information at )
4- Run the downloaded module like this:

bitnami-wordpress-4.4.2-3-module-windows-installer.exe --wordpress_instance_name newblogname

5- On the installation setup choose the folder that contains your WAMP Stack.
6- Once you have the module installed, you will be able to access it through http://YOURDOMAIN/newblogname
7- Repeat steps 4,5 and 6 for every new WordPress install changing the instance name.



I got it working. Thank you!

Hi @Wuvu2

We are glad to hear that it helps you to solve you issue.

If you have any other issue, do not hesitate to let us know.



Is there an unistall procedure I must follow for each instance of wordpress in a LAMP stack (as above)?

I deleted some folders of installed wordpress apps and now can't seem to start the servers again :frowning:

Do I need to uninstall and then re-install LAMP to repair now?


Hi @Wuvu2,

To uninstall an installed application you need to use the uninstall script that you'll find at installdir/apps/newblogname. If you only removed the folder of that new blog the configuration of Apache might be wrong.

Could you please check the log of Apache to get more information about the issue?


Hey there,

I tried this command but I have some issues on step 5. Which folder should I choose?
Because when I choose the folder, where Wordpress was installed before, I get the error
“The folder is not empty”. What am I doing wrong?


Hi @renthner,

For various websites I recommend WordPress Multisite.