Best configuration for drupal site?

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Which configuration is better for site?
Site run source drupal 7,on vps 1024 linode.
I was read many about:

1)Apache + Fastcgi
2)Nginx + Php-fpm
3)Nginx reverse proxy for apache run php backend…

Or anything else?


I didn’t find the right solution from the internet.
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Hi @tupacshakaur,

It all depends on your preferences, but Apache+FastCGI Process Manager (a.k.a. PHP-FPM) or Nginx+PHP-FPM is usually the best way to go.

As for choosing between Apache or Nginx, you will usually not find any signifficant difference. In Bitnami we offer most of our Bitnami stacks with Apache, as it is more easy to customize and extend. You can find an example here:

If you want to use Nginx instead, check this link: Note that you will need to install Drupal on top of it.

You can read more about PHP-FPM here, if you haven’t enabled it yet in your Bitnami stack:

Let us know if you have any questions.

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