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I am facing issues with a thread/runnable submitted by a java Scheduled Executor Service which is runs a daily email service. I believe in the old code was not being handled properly during shutdown. and also sending it at the wrong time. After changing the email content and the code, two emails are now being sent ,one being the updated version and the other one being the old one

Further changes to the email content and redeploying to the server does not spawn additional “automatic email” threads but somehow the old badly created runnable still fires daily.

Failed Attempted fixes:
-Redeployed application
When application was taken down , emails are not sent. When redeployed , two emails are sent ( “new version” and “old version”)

-Tunneled into the bitnami server to manually shutdown / restart tomcat and apache

Please do advise , thanks!


I am afraid that this goes a bit further my expertise, as it is more related to the application development rather than an issue in the stack itself. Here you can find more experts on the matter:

In any case, let’s see if someone from the community has more knowledge about the issue.

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Ah ok thanks! Wasn’t sure where to ask it exactly.

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