Back office issue, can't access (front office works fine)

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I try everything, i don’t know why, but i cant’s access to mi back office. I’m already install 3 trimes and i’m still have the same issue. (Bitnami prestashop nothing work

  • clear the cookies in my 4 browsers (Chrome, Mozilla, Opera, Safari)
  • deactivate de URL

i hame some issues with the translations before. I suspect it is something from the admin control cookie, because don’t chance and persist in all browsers, include in the phone.

Please help

Hi @eplazaexpress, our team will analyze the output of the support tool to check the logs and try to solve your issue as soon as possible. Thanks!


Thanks for the support,
i can give you mi credentials to access to my store and the Google Cloud instance if you need it

just let me know

i try to erase the folder /apps/prestashop/htdocs/var/cache/
this folder is /apps/prestashop/htdocs/var/cache/prod

i try to change the name

and still continue give me the same cookie
i clean the cookies in the browsers (nothing)
i try another browsers (nothing)
i try in another computer

and the problem persist, and i have the same cookie

Thanks for the help

Hi @eplazaexpress,

Could you add the steps necessaries to reproduce the issue?
It seems the logs have a lot of error with translations and maybe this error is because of that.

  1. install prestashop with the Bitnami
  2. Auto-Configure A Let’s Encrypt Certificate with
  3. Activate all the pages with the SSL
  4. Install language (Spanish MX)
  5. configure the classic theme with store
  6. Instal some modules (Market place, Qpay pro, Protect Customers PRO, etc.)

the store works fine you can see (Front office)
but in the back office i cant’t get the login (i see some post the problem is with de AdminController because the cookie is the same (don’t refresh)


Hi @eplazaexpress,

I wrote in my browser and I get
and it’s different that you post.

Could you check if you still have the problem?

i just use the old version of my store (2017 VM) (Versión de PrestaShop:, the problem with the new instance of bitnami does not works fine, and my store was off line so i need to do something.

Thanks for replying, I close this without being able to solve my problem

Hi, I try with the new version of Prestashop and it’s working fine, Could you check without modules?

i try to disable all the modules, i try to do a clean new install, and i have the same issue
don’t worry, i return to my old version of the store, for the moment works fine


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