Azure Wordpress Stack memory related performance issues

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I am facing the issue that my in Azure hostet Bitnami Wordpress VM is running out of memory after time and on load.
Size: Standard B2ms (2 vcpus, 8 GiB memory)

After rebooting the machine settles at 1,5GB RAM, but when users visit the site the RAM consumption increases rapidly to about 7-7,5GB with about 35 running mariadb processes.

Some facts:

  • My Website is a Wordpress Webshop with Woocommerce
  • as proxy I use Cloudflare + their CDN
  • Wordfence for security
  • overall about 50 active Wordpress pugins
  • Autooptimize, Heartbeat Control, WP-Optimize for Caching + Performance
  • 545 visitors and 1412 calls in the last 7 days, which in my eyes is not that much to bring the webserver to its knees
  • currently no swap file configured
  • Bitnami configuration (php, mariadb …) is still on default

I suspect that the mariadb processes will not be terminated reasonably. It seems that the machine is filling up after a certain time or a lot of activity in the front-/ backend. The only solution so far has been to reboot via Azure.

I do not believe that the machine is incorrectly sized.
Do you have configuration suggestions or ideas how to improve the performance?

Thank you very much!

Hi @Marcobrmn,

I can see many PHP-FPM processes but not multiple MariaDB processes in the Bndiagnostic information. Please note that the PHP-FPM processes are launched dynamically depending on the number of requests the instance receives. You can see it’s throwing warnings in the PHP-FPM’s log file (/opt/bitnami/php/logs/)

[17-Jan-2022 12:53:46] WARNING: [pool www] seems busy (you may need to increase pm.start_servers, or pm.min/max_spare_servers), spawning 16 children, there are 79 idle, and 105 total children

If you increased the number of processes, you will run into more performance issues. We suggest you check this guide regarding bots/attackers in case there is any

However, we also suggest you ask in the official forums of the application to know how to troubleshoot this issue. Please note that this may be related to the plugins/themes you have and the usage they make to the PHP-FPM processes.

Happy to help!

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Hi jota!

I’ve checked the apache acces log but there are just some http requests from RIPE.
Wordfence Firewall log looks clean too: In the last 24hrs ~70 Attacks blocked
Cloudflare: Nearly 6k requests, a hand-full malicious requests.

I will try to find a solution for this in the wordpress forum, nevertheless thank you!

Do you have a guideline for scaling environments for X number of requests per month?
For example “for 10,000 requests you need 2 cores; 4GB RAM”?

No, we don’t. That depends on the application and the plugins/themes you have. The WordPress support team should provide a way to calculate that.

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