Azure ELK offer not found when installing via Terraform

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Hello Community,
I am trying to set up the Bitnami Certified ELK ( in Azure with Terraform.

But for some reason on Apply the offer is not found as soon as I add a plan to my azurerm_virtual_machine Block.

I receive the following error:

    Error: compute.VirtualMachinesClient#CreateOrUpdate: Failure sending request: StatusCode=400 
    -- Original Error: Code="ResourcePurchaseValidationFailed" Message="User failed validation to purchase resources. 
    Error message: 'Offer with PublisherId: 'bitnami' and OfferId: 'elk' not found. 
    See similar offers in here ''. Correlation Id '234c222f-3b63-4c92-ba82-bd88548ff39d'.'"

If I check via azure cli for the terms, they are accepted:

    PS C:\> az vm image terms show --plan default --offer elk --publisher bitnami
    "accepted": true,
    "id": "/subscriptions/xxxx/providers/Microsoft.MarketplaceOrdering/offerTypes/VirtualMachine/publishers/bitnami/offers/elk/plans/default/agreements/current",
    "licenseTextLink": "",
    "name": "default",
    "plan": "default",
    "privacyPolicyLink": "",
    "product": "elk",
    "publisher": "bitnami",
    "retrieveDatetime": "2020-12-10T11:14:28.8883263Z",
    "type": "Microsoft.MarketplaceOrdering/offertypes"

Any Suggestions what I am doing wrong here ?


Hi @rene.hengstermann,

We could also verify the marketplace image is found as expected. We suspect the issue might be in the way it is referred to in the Terraform code.

Could you share the relevant Terraform code failing? That way could probably try to help you debug further.



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