AWS Light Sail Distribution Creation and Implementation for Magento 2- using Lets encrypt SSL for Cloudfront

Keywords: Magento - AWS - Technical issue - Secure Connections (SSL/HTTPS)
I have created ssl certificate using lets encrypt and successfully working. Now i want to implement CDN for through Distribution in Magento2 AWS Light Sail. but i didnt find any documentation to link Letsencrypt SSL with cloud front. In third pary websites i found a command to import letsencrypt certificate using command line in which it is asking for chain.pem file which was not available in magento2 apache paths. How to configure it?

Hello @phanikumar1666,

We don’t have that specific documentation. We have some documentation to configure ELB on AWS:

The previous 2 cases may help:

Also, I have found this guide:

I hope it helps