AWS Liferay 7.2.1 MYSQL connectivity permission issue

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I tried to connect mysql database which is used on liferay 7.2.1 on AWS. i followed instruction from . However it is showing error that can’t connect mysql server on ‘xxxxx’ (10061). I can login to hosting with ssh. And also Mysql server is up and running. However i can’t connect from Mysql Workbench. I give permission on AWS from security group to 3306 port with anywhere. Can someone please suggest. Thank you

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Can someone please suggest?


Thank you for using Bitnami. Could you provide us with a bit more information?

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Hi @jsalmeron,
Thank you for your support. I am doing ssh tunnel however it is having still the connectivity issue. Please suggest. Thanks

I tried with SQLWorkbench ssh tunnel as well but could not able to connect.

I can connect by following the instruction from

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