Apxs unable to execute


I downloaded the Bitnami Alfresco Community Stack for Virtual Machines and installed it in our Vmware Vsphere
environment (OVA Format, Verision: 201911-13)

I tried to configure some apache modules but the apxs command fails:
bitnami@debian:~/mod_proxy_html$ sudo apxs -c -I /opt/bitnami/common/include/libxml2 -I. -i mod_proxy_html.c
sudo: unable to execute /opt/bitnami/apache2/bin/apxs: No such file or directory

The first line of the apxs file refers to the directory /bitnami/alfrescostack-linux-x64/output/perl/bin/perl
#!/bitnami/alfrescostack-linux-x64/output/perl/bin/perl -w

However the directory bitnami doesn’t exist. Any idea how to solve this issue? Thanks

Hi @wolfg,

thanks for using Bitnami. Did you follow this guide https://docs.bitnami.com/aws/apps/alfresco/configuration/enable-modules/ to configure the modules of apache?


Yes, I followed those instructions.
Br, Wolfgang

Hi @wolfg,

I was able to reproduce the issue so I will create an internal task to investigate this.
We will update this thread when we have more information.


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