Apache2 folder not found

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I am trying to access the apache2 folder to actually force HTTP to HTTPS (https://docs.bitnami.com/bch/apps/wordpress/administration/force-https-apache/) but I can’t find the folder at all.


Among the files in /opt/bitnami/ there is no apache2 folder as shown below:

/opt/bitnami$ ls
bndiagnostic bndiagnostic-tool common gonit mariadb nami php properties.ini stats varnish wp-cli
bndiagnostic-regex.ini brotli ctlscript.sh letsencrypt mysql nginx phpmyadmin scripts var Wordpress

Please help :’(

Hi @yyc91,

You have the WordPress with NGINX solution, that’s why you do not have an apache2 folder. You need to follow this guide


Hi jota, thanks for the speedy reply! Silly me for always wanting to look for the Apache folder when I’m using the NGINX solution. Thanks!

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