Apache Will Not Start After LetsEncrypt Installation

Type: Bitnami Support Tool

Support Tool Code: 67094924-f85f-cccb-5268-d4b5f9ad2a30

After attempting to install LetsEncrypt following a guide here: https://lightsail.aws.amazon.com/ls/docs/en_us/articles/amazon-lightsail-using-lets-encrypt-certificates-with-wordpress

Apache no longer works and the site is down.

The tool showed this error for Apache: AH00526: Syntax error on line 4 of
/opt/bitnami/apache/conf/vhosts/wordpress-https-vhost.conf: SSLCertificateFile:
file ‘/opt/bitnami/apache/conf/bitnami/certs/server.crt’ does not exist or is

I’ve tried the tips listed here: SSLCertificateFile: file '/opt/bitnami/apache2/conf/server.crt' does not exist or is empty apache config test fails

But I’m still getting the error and Apache does not start.

The topic can be closed, I’ve resolved it by reversing the “move” option that was in the Lightsail tutorial.

Great @siteplotmedia! :slight_smile:

For future reference, we suggest you follow this guide


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