Ich habe mir einen Container von bitnami heruntergeladen, einbindung in Virtualbox ist OK.
Wennn ich die VM starten will, komme ich nur bis “username” danach ist meine Tastatur blockiert
außer enter Taste. Für einen Rat wäre ich dankbar.

I have downloaded a container from bitnami, integration in Virtualbox is OK.
If I want to start the VM, I only get to “username” after that my keyboard is blocked
except enter key. I would be grateful for a council.


It seems that this issue is not related to the Bitnami Stacks, Virtual Machine or Cloud Images, I’ve not really experienced with VirtualBox but you should check your keyboard configuration in your VirtualBox installation. We highly recommend checking forums and user guides made available by VirtualBox, like

Best regards,
Carlos R. Hernández

Hello Carlos!
This can not be due to Virtualbox, because I still have a container with the result.
I can set the username and save it at the password. This is not the case with other applications.
However, I tried to find in the manuals.

See you soon Gerd Bachmann

Hallo Carlos!
Das kann nicht an Virtualbox liegen, denn ich habe mir noch einen Container heruntergeladen mit den gleichen Resultat.
Ich kann den Usernamen eintragen und beim Passwort iat gesperrt. Bei anderen Anwendungen ist das nicht.
Ich versuche trotzdem in den Handbüchern was zu finden.

Bis bald Gerd Bachmann


If you are able to write the user without problem and during password typing only the enter works, this sounds like a default feature of the VMs.

You can write the password and the system is storing the password, but the screen doesn’t change. You’re used to seeing a movement on the screen, like filling the characters with *, this behavior doesn’t appear on VMs.
You can write the password even if you do not see activity on the screen and then press enter.

Please let us know if this solves the issue.

Best regards,
Carlos R. Hernández

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